Our Mission

Our mission at KROWSPACE is to change the way we all work. New experiences and new places inspire new energy. We are creating a platform that allows remote workers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to work from a new location every single day without having to step a foot into another office. You now have new workspaces near you available every single day. 


Part of the way the world works is not so much creating a separation between your work and your free time, but creating the illusion of a separation between your work and your free time. Every day is the weekend for me, which means I’m always busy.
— Ian MacKaye


WORKERS                                                                               EMPLOYERS

  • Change of environment.
  • Option to rent a place to yourself or share with others.
  • Great networking opportunity.


  • Earn money while you're away from your space.
  • Supplement your rent, mortgage, and utilities.
  • Downsize your commercial property space.
  • Provide your employees with unique work environments that inspire and stimulate them.
  • Recycle KROWSPACE credits unused from the previous month