Work outside of the box.


At KROWSPACE we provide workers with unique work environments. We all hate going to work at the same boring place. With KROWSPACE, you get to work in a new environment everyday that inspires you. Today you can work from a 3200 square foot home, tomorrow you can work from the penthouse suite in a luxury condo building, and next week you could work from a small office surrounded by new faces in a commercial space. As a user, you can rent an entire place for yourself or you can share a space with others. The options are limitless. 


Hosting made easier and lucrative

Our hosts own, lease and rent all different forms of properties. We make recommendations based on the size, accessibility to restaurants and amenities, and work score of your space. You set your price based on our recommendations. You can rent your space out daily (with or without time restrictions), weekly, or monthly. Let your space generate an experience for someone else while it generates income for you.

Employers, keep morale up and save money

KROWSPACE gives employers an additional outlet to invest in their employees. We allow employers to purchase blocks of credits for their employees to use for teleworking. Unused blocks are credited back to your KROWSPACE account and can roll over to the next month. KROWSPACE allows employers to save money by downsizing their rental space. You can also rent out your empty space as a host to offset your costs. 



Earn money sharing your extra space with remote workers, start-ups, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

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Percentage of Teleworkers working from home



Learn more about how KROWSPACE works. We make working a new experience for you every day that you wake up.

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